A lot of couples come to me when they are at breaking point. It’s here at this fulcrum where many couples question whether they really like each anymore.

For me it’s quite a sad place to meet two people. My heart really goes out to each of them, knowing and appreciating that it’s not often just one thing that led these two souls to this place of discontent but usually a string of events.

In the discomfort of it all I’m honoured to support couples in helping them turn towards each other again.  I applaud them for stepping forward admitting that they need help.

The unfortunately reality is that no one really teaches us about how to be relational and most of us haven’t had good role models for this either. Relationships of any kind aren’t easy. Divorce statistics confirm this.

The optimal time to see a relationship coach, expert or therapist is when things are still good. The relational road if maintained will stay relatively smooth with the occasional bump, however if left unattended cracks and potholes can occur which will take more energy to repair.

I’d really like to invite more couples to seek support before they’re at rock bottom.

If your relationship is going well AND you’d like some support prioritising your relational wellbeing, revitalising your commitment to one another and want accountability then I’d like to invite you to my Relationship Tune-Up Program

The Relationship Tune-Up is a 6 month or 12 month program where you get personalised coaching for your couple goals. You receive one 75 minute call per month via Zoom.

Maybe you have practices or relational tools already, but need help refining them or sticking to them. Maybe you’d like support in communicating better. Maybe you have something specific as a couple you’d like to achieve. We will tailor each session to what is most relevant and alive for you as a couple.

The Relationship Tune-Up Programis not for couples who are at the end of their tethers with one another (my Personalised Intimacy Coaching packages would be better for you), but rather couples who are ready to up level their relationship and go even deeper together.

If you or someone you know would benefit from a monthly tune-up for their relationship please send them my way.

You can find out more and apply here.

Somatic Practice to Heal the Shame Cycle

60 minute video



Shame no longer has to have power over you.



This video is packed with useful somatic (body based) practices that anyone can do, to begin healing the shame cycle and ending shame for good.



You'll be given plenty of simple embodied tools to begin shutting down shame's 3 biggest perpetuators: secrecy, silence and judgement.


You are moments away from shedding unwanted shame!