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Do you desire and seek deep lasting connection and intimacy with yourself and your partner?

Want the knowledge and tools to create a relationship that feeds you with life-affirming vitality?

Hunger for an erotically awakened relationship that blows open your heart?


I’m Jamie


I’d like to welcome you to the Academy for Intimacy. It can take a lot of courage to begin exploring an area of life that is so wrapped in taboo. I’m grateful you’ve made that leap and found your way here.

I’m an Intimacy and Relationship Coach & Somatic Educator. I help singles and couples alike move from frustrated, sexless and lacklustre relationships to fulfilling, lasting and deeply erotically awakened relationships.


What I Offer

Intimacy & Relationship Coaching

Take a deep dive into what’s happening in your intimate world and relationships. Discover where you’d like to be, what’s holding you back and receive practical tools to drive transformation.

The Relationship Dojo Courses

6-Week Relationship Courses for Couples who want to explore intimacy together, deepen connection and reignite their sexual fire. 

Couples who want to move forward together and reimagine their intimate relationships.

Relationship Tune-Up Coaching Programs

If you desire the support and comfort of a helping hand to keep your relationship clear and flowing then the Relationship Tune-Up Coaching Package will be like your relationship’s fairy god mother. 

6 or 12 month packages. 


let me answer some questions

How do I decide between private coaching or a course? 

Choosing the path that is right for you and your relationship can feel like a daunting task. There are definitely some things to consider.

1. Do you prefer to be self-paced?

2. Would you like individual attention?

3. Do you have a particular challenge that you’d like help working through?

4. Do you like to participate in group or shared learning?

5. Can you make a commitment to attend sessions at set time and date for a set period?

If you answered yes to questions 1-3, then private coaching may be what you are seeking.  If you answered yes to questions 4 -5, one of our courses may suit you.

Nice things people say

“During the session I felt Jamie understood deeply what I was talking about!! Her voice used dynamism and humour about things that felt heavy on the inside for me and it was very comforting. Her language was very invitational, nothing felt pushy or obligatory. The exercises that she offered me during the session and the questions that she asked were very adapted to my life and to my personality. I would definitely recommend her service. I feel she is a great professional in this area.

Maria, Gran Canary


“It was a pleasure to work with Jamie, she connected with me quickly and generated a comfortable open environment that was non judgmental. She listened and asked thought provoking questions which shone the light on some of the key issues I needed to discuss. Her honesty and guidance was clear and helped rationalise and order things, she made a few of the things I was worrying about more normal. She gave me permission to handle some of my concerns in a more frank and honest manner, narrowing my focus onto things that I can and cannot change. She put me at ease and made a genuine connection allowing me to be vulnerable and to dig into some of the more uncomfortable areas I needed to resolve. I can highly recommend working with Jamie.”

Derek, UK

“I have attended workshops presented by Jamie as well been coached personally by her. To say she is beautifully brilliant is an understatement. Jamie is a perceptive, professional and approachable facilitator and coach. Her insights have given me practical ways to connect both with myself and with others. This has added enormous value to my relationships. I feel more self aware and a sense of aliveness!”

Celynn, UK

“What most impacted me about your coaching was that I felt I was talking to someone that listens, understands, knows what they are talking about, is someone I can trust, is non-judgemental and cares. I think having someone to talk to who both knows what they are talking about and is a non-judgemental compassionate voice was a huge thing, practices and tools are only as good as the person using them, it's a different ballgame when you are walked through a set-up with a pro.”

Mark, Ireland

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Somatic Practice to Heal the Shame Cycle

60 minute video



Shame no longer has to have power over you.



This video is packed with useful somatic (body based) practices that anyone can do, to begin healing the shame cycle and ending shame for good.



You'll be given plenty of simple embodied tools to begin shutting down shame's 3 biggest perpetuators: secrecy, silence and judgement.


You are moments away from shedding unwanted shame!