Couples Reset & Reconnect Retreats

Hosted in Tuscany, Italy or the UK

When was the last time you walked hand-in-hand with your partner and felt the warmth of electrical tingles between you?


What do you feel in your body when you reflect on that question? Maybe you feel it as a missing in your heart, belly or genitals.

Do you both share a sense of missing one another, but feel uncertain how to find your way back into the magic of being humans together?

You’re not alone.

Life can be so full and overwhelming as it is without the added challenge of navigating something so intimate. Most of us haven’t been given the skills, tools or relationship know how either. 

The Power of Pause

What would it be like for you both to take a big breath in together?


Then enjoy the sensation of a long slow exhalation.

This is the power of pause. A stolen moment to reset and reconnect together.

There is plenty of magic to be found by slowing down, getting curious and being willing to meet the other – truly great relationships require it of us.


How many of these do you identify with?

  • Feeling disconnected from your partner
  • Emotionally and/or sexually misaligned
  • Often frustrated or angry with your partner
  • Blaming and arguing


  • Feeling more like a housemates
  • Zoning or numbing out through screen time, alcohol, overworking or porn
  • hopeless, stuck or heaviness

Reset & Reconnect

If any of the above resonated with you it’s time to reset your relationship and reconnect with your human.

Our Reset & Reconnect Retreats are carefully crafted for each couple and their specific goals, aims and needs.

Each retreat is infused with the skills and tools to make your relationship a thriving one.

We laser focus on what’s important to your coupleship, whether that’s better communication, deeper connection, emotional and sexual intimacy, values, desires and everything else in between.

There is pure relationship gold in taking time to pause together, reflect, recreate with intention and reconnect in a magical place.

Not only will you be held by the processes and tools we share, but you’ll also be held by the beautiful land which we steward in Tuscany, Italy. We lean on the power of nature connection in guiding you back towards one another.

Begin the journey back to one another today.

If not now when?

Discovery Call

Ready to bring new awareness, presence and change into your intimate world?

This Discovery Call is your opportunity to consider which Reset & Reconnect Retreat is a good fit for your relationship. You can ask practical questions about travel, accommodation etc.

Personalised Reset & Reconnect Retreat

Take a deep dive into what’s happening in your intimate world and relationship. This retreat is crafted based on your relationship needs and designed to create lasting change and transformation. This is a 2+ day immersive experience.

Hybrid Reset & Reconnect Retreat

This offers the best of best worlds – live in person immersion combined with online coaching pre and/or post retreat. The hybrid is completely tailored to your relationship needs and has more flexiblity in how you experiense the immersive portion of the retreat.

Who are your guides?

Hi, we’re Adrian and Jamie. We are a couple that create tender, magical spaces for other couples to explore and reconnect to one another.

We have a deep reservoir in which we pull guidance from to facilitate in a highly practical, accessible and fun-natured way that makes the hard parts not seem so hard.

Both of us have come from previous marriages where we have enjoyed having the hindsight of what was lacking and wasn’t working.

We have been down the road of sexless and intimacy deficient marriages. We don’t want that for you!

By having us both you not only receive the wisdom of our many diverse skills, trainings and personal learnings, but also a balanced perspective of the masculine and feminine.


Investment for Reset & Reconnect Retreats

(This includes coaching (both Adrian and Jamie) over a minimum of 2 days. This does not include local transfers, accommodation or food. Please get in touch for your bespoke quote.)

 from £995

"I would recommend you to anyone who was ready to truly shift any aspects of their lives that were making them unhappy. The fact that no matter what I've come to you with, you've always been able to provide me with knowledge and expertise. It has been amazing. I've been given a really good toolkit by you.”

CM, Portugal

Somatic Practice to Heal the Shame Cycle

60 minute video



Shame no longer has to have power over you.



This video is packed with useful somatic (body based) practices that anyone can do, to begin healing the shame cycle and ending shame for good.



You'll be given plenty of simple embodied tools to begin shutting down shame's 3 biggest perpetuators: secrecy, silence and judgement.


You are moments away from shedding unwanted shame!