Intimacy with yourself is profound, it’s undeniably intertwined with intimacy with another. Truly feeling yourself enables you to deeply feel someone else, because the way you perceive others is through the lens of your own body. Being able to tune into your own feelings and sensations paves the way for deeper connections with those around you. 

The concept of somatics is crucial in this process because it helps build the muscle of felt bodily awareness.

Our bodies serve as a compass, constantly feeding information to our nervous system and brains. Research in neuroscience indicates that a majority of signals sent between the body and brain originate from the body itself, highlighting the active role our bodies play in informing our brain about our environment and internal state. 

The missing link in feeling another lies in our misconception that it’s a purely cognitive process. There is culturally a deep disconnect between our ability to genuinely feel and sense our own bodies.

To truly understand and connect with another, we must first cultivate intimacy with ourselves. The word “intimacy” itself comes from the Latin word intimus, meaning inner or inmost. To be intimate is to have access to and comprehend the innermost character of yourself or another.

Intimacy can feel challenging when you struggle to feel yourself, and/or when your partner seems disconnected from you. 

MDMA’s unique mechanism in the brain allows users to viscerally feel not only their own emotions, but those of others as well. For couples trapped in a cycle of emotional distance, this can break through the impasse. 

While MDMA is not a fix all or even the only way to connect more deeply with a partner, it offers a great gateway for those who are particularly stuck, for those that have difficulty accessing emotions in a visceral context and for those seeking more immediate results. 

Developing intimacy with oneself is a key factor in establishing intimacy with others. By honing your ability to feel and connect with your own body, you create a solid foundation for forming authentic and meaningful relationships with those around you.

If you feel it is time to explore these deeper aspects of yourself, an MDMA journey may be a valuable tool to consider.

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(Just a note to clarify that intimacy is not synonymous with sex. When I speak of intimacy, I am referring to the core essence of the word – the profound connection and understanding of another person’s innermost being.)

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