MDMA Guided Facilitation

One of our fundamental needs as a human is intimate connection – with ourselves and others. MDMA’s greatest asset, then, is that it enhances this feature of our biology, greasing the wheels of connection with the self, with others, and with all life on the planet. If you are ready to live your full intimate potential with yourself and/or partner then an MDMA Guided Session could be the answer.

MDMA Guided Sessions

For anyone actively seeking to achieve profound self-discovery, emotional healing and desiring deep insights alongside somatic awareness.



If you’re ready to….

Uncover the language of deep connection

Tune into your innate inner healer

Realise your self-agency and sovereignty

Experience deep connection to yourself and your lover(s)

Ignite and maintain a sense of empathy, compassion, and love

Be felt, seen, heard and understood absent of judgement or shame

Expand your sense of self into new realms

Transcend past traumas to improve your life experience

Step into your authentic self regardless of age, gender or relationship status

Why MDMA & Why Now?

The resurgence of MDMA therapy represents a significant shift in our cultural consciousness and our approaches to mental health treatment. It is a testament to the growing recognition of the mind’s complexities and the need for innovative therapies that include the whole person.


  • It has proven therapeutic efficacy.
  • There is a mental health crisis and innovative therapies are needed.
  • We have evolving views on the integration of psychedelics for overall well being.
  • The legal framework is recalibrating, especially with the coming reclassification of MDMA.

All sessions are held over Zoom.

There are three stages:

  1. Discovery & Connection Call. This preliminary call is to explore what brings you to this medicine, to see if we are good fit and answer any questions about the process. (60-75 mins.)
  2. Medicine Journey. (4 -5 hours)
  3. Integration Session. Here you have the opportunity to get clear on what will support you in your everyday life with what you have learned in the medicine journey.  You will come away with a bespoke blueprint to move forward with (60-75 mins.)

MDMA Guided Facilitation

Discovery Call, Medicine Journey & Integration Session all operate on a sliding scale from £775 – £1050 (for couples there is an additional investment of £175).

 £775 – £1050

“I feel blessed at the age of 76 to have my first MDMA journey with such a skillful guide as Jamie. My years as a psychotherapist in private practice. enhance my respect for her skills and her heartful engagement.”

J.T. – USA

Somatic Practice to Heal the Shame Cycle

60 minute video



Shame no longer has to have power over you.



This video is packed with useful somatic (body based) practices that anyone can do, to begin healing the shame cycle and ending shame for good.



You'll be given plenty of simple embodied tools to begin shutting down shame's 3 biggest perpetuators: secrecy, silence and judgement.


You are moments away from shedding unwanted shame!