Red Belt

Going deeper together and meeting the other

Dates: TBA

Week 1 – Togetherness


Foundations and essentials to meeting the other, creating the container and guidelines for showing up.

Week 2 – With Darkness Comes the Light


Shining the torch on your shadows for healing and connection..

Week 3 – Truth Serum

A powerful practice for deep, lasting intimacy.

Week 4 – I’m Your Ying and You’re my Yang

Polarity explorations for dynamic relating.

Week 5 – More Together Than Alone

Women’s and Men’s circles as a separate enquiry into togetherness.

Week 6 – The Aha Illuminations

Reap what you sow. Insights and practical integration for creating boundless intimacy.


Jamie Abrams and Adrian Kowal are partners in life and play. They are both highly experienced international facilitators, with a huge breadth of knowledge between them, including; Embodied Arts and Practices, Erotic Blueprints, Yoga, Nature Connection, Tantra, Bodywork, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching, Qigong, Tai Chi and more.

More about Jamie

She has been teaching and facilitating internationally for over 20 years. Jamie specialises in embodied practices that encourage a deeper relationship to oneself. It is through this authentic inquiry that profound intimacy and connection is created. Jamie is known for her light-heartedness and ability to make difficult tasks accessible. She is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, Erotic Blueprints™ Coach, Embodied Facilitator Coach, senior Embodied Yoga Principles teacher, Sleep Recovery Senior yoga teacher, Thai Yoga Massage practitioner and a Movnat Level 1 Coach.

More about Adrian

He is passionate about the wellbeing of the whole. He is a social entrepreneur and community builder.  Adrian deeply enjoys supporting the balance in people’s personal holistic well-being, working with men’s groups and also guiding adventures and expeditions. Adrian co-founded and ran Evolve Wellness, a centre for growth and wellbeing in London, which he created over 10 years ago and has recently teamed-up with The Life Centre. He has deep knowledge of both urban and nature-based wellness practices. He is also the cofounder of Way of Nature and The Visionaries.

Format of the course

Each week will cover a new topic. A typical week will look like the facilitators presenting on a topic; couples will then explore a given practice together, usually in breakout zoom pods. The class will then re-group for shared learning from the practice, followed by closing Q&A’s.






 £175 per person

Anything else I need to know?

Not really. No previous experience is necessary.

We have the tools, practices and techniques for you to use.

All you (both) need to do is show up with an open mind, engage and practice the given exercises.

It’ll be a playful, wild ride – and an enriching one, for you and your partner.

What are you waiting for?

(These courses are primarily designed for heterosexual relationships – but couples of any gender or sexual orientation are very welcome to attend. If you are unsure if these courses are for you, please feel free to drop us an email on:


Neither of us were quite sure what to expect. However, Jamie & Adrian's approach was very relaxed and interactive with lots of examples and tools that provoked lots of open discussion in a calm atmosphere. Well thought out and structured. Worth the time and money and looking forward to the next course.

Gaby & Paul, Relationship Dojo Participants

Somatic Practice to Heal the Shame Cycle

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